Renoveret og fredet badeanstalt fra 1909 med bæredygtigt forretningskoncept og byens første Hamam.

Sofiegade 15 A-B | 1418 København k | Merkur Netbank : Reg. 8401 konto nr. 1178047
Tlf. 28 68 98 29 fra 10.00 til 16.00 (hverdage)

Beliggenhed 2 min. gang fra Christianshavns Station - Metro og bus. se kort
Vi modtager Dankort, Masterkort, Visa etc.

Massør Kirstine Søndergård
Sofiebadet vil fra 1. maj introducere en mindre prisregulering ifm. vores nye bookingsystem
Kurbadet holder åbent fra 10.30 til 20.00 - Forudbestilling nødvendigt.

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Gift Certificates

Want to treat someone you know with a visit to Sofiebadet? The gift certificates can be sent by mail/post or picked up during business hours in Sofiebadet. You can order them via mail: or telephone 28 68 89 29

Shower - 30/60 kr. per. person (Sat-Sun increased price + 75 kr.)

On the go, or just in need of a cool down? Whatever the reason maybe, you can have a shower or tub bath in Sofiebadet. The showers are located in the old marble enclosures with the characteristic huge shower heads or take a bath in the bathtub from 1909. Reservation needed.

Health spa - 125 kr. per. person (Sat-Sun increased price + 75 kr.)

Access to sauna, steamroom, coldwater tub and Japanese wooden bathtub. You will receive towels (pestimal), bathing shoes and turkish olive ecosoap. You can stay in the bath for 2 hours. Friday-sunday reservation needed.

Health spa + tub with herbs - 175 kr. per. person (Sat-Sun increased price + 75 kr.)

In addition to the health spa with sauna, steamroom, coldwater tub, you can have a bath in our tub with invigorating or relaxing herbs. Reservation needed.

Group event - 200 kr. per. person

Come as a group - The offer includes; access to the sauna, steamroom, coldwater tub and the Japanese wooden bathtub. Want to try a hamam treatment? Hamam basic - 400 kr (25min). We can only threat 2 persons at the same time. We can also offer a groupscrup in our hamam for an additional 50 kr. per. person. You will receive a kese (glove) and turkish olive ecosoap and then scrub yourself. Extra hours (in addition to the 2 hours) 50 kr. per. person / per. hour. Reservation needed.

Hamam Basic - 525 kr. per.person (Sat-Sun increased price + 75 kr.)

A gentle soapy massage that cleanses and relaxes the skin, the body's largest organ. Hamam basic treatment with soap wrappers, soap massage and scrup takes 25 min. You arrive at the given time and warm-up in our sauna and/or steamroom - the visit takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours. The treatment includes access to the spa. In the Hamam there is room for 2 guests at the same time. Reservation needed.

Hamam Luxury - 825 kr. per. person (Sat-Sun increased price + 75 kr.)

Soap Wrapping as in Hamam Basic. In addition, purifying salt peeling with a special glove (kese). Scalp massage and a firming face mask with herbs followed by facial massage. You arrive at the given time and warm-up in our sauna and/or steamroom - the visit takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours. The treatment includes access to the spa. In the Hamam there is room for 2 guests at the same time. Reservation needed.

Midnight Bathing - 175 kr. per. person

On the first friday of every month we are additionally open from 21-01 pm. Ideal for relaxing midnight bathing and spa. Come and enjoy the beautiful Hamam, you will receive a kese glove, Turkish olive ecosoap and scrub yourself. Relax completely in the hot sauna, the lovely baths and enjoy our selection of fine beverages. You arrive at 21.00, 22.00 or 23.00 pm. and is in the spa for about 2 hours. Reservation needed.

Acquisitions (Tilkøb)
Saltpeeling – 50 kr.
Hurbs for the tub/footbath – 50 kr.
Hamamsoap – 40 kr.
Hamamsoap and kese (scrubbing glove) – 65 kr.
In our little shop you can buy a variety of products such as:
Body/facial creame
Facial lift mask, saltscrub and footbath
Silk Shampoo

Music on sundays

The unique and beautiful rooms in Sofiebadet are well suited for small concerts with performances by one or a few musicians. Therefore, we try to arrange such concerts when possible. The concerts may consist of classical, popular, jazz music, or something experimental. You get a chance to be close to the performers, which also is in close contact with the audience. There is a superb acoustics, stimulating for the musicians, especially when there is an audience who can soften up the acoustics in that great tiled room up, so it is really exciting and balanced. There is room for about 40 listeners. Resevation needed

In association with Sofiebadets music group

The baths

A hundred-year old tradition is welcoming new visitors and new ideas in the heart of the old Christianhavn.
For almost a century, the public baths on Sofiegade were run by the City of Copenhagen. This epoch ended on Christmas, 1997, when the baths were officially closed.
But a desire to preserve the beautiful old baths from 1909 and reopen them to the public quickly spread among area neighbours.
The association Sofiebadet was soon founded in 2001 and receives a small grant towards running costs from the City of Copenhagen.
A working group was established with a first goal of protecting the old building. It was listed as an official historic site in January, 2000, mainly thanks to the outstanding interior of the baths.

Exciting bath for the future. Now the baths has been restored.
The association had two aims: to continue running the building as a historic public bath and to operate it according to environmentally sound principles.
From organic soaps to solar heating. T
he house is renewed with a Turkish- style Hamam, heated by a wood fired mass oven, a new Finish sauna, sauna and a little cold waterpool - using sustainable energy.

Monday, Tuesday, Wedensday and Thursday 16 - 21
(Thursday only women)
Tuesday to Saturday 11 – 18 / Sunday 11 – 14 information’s and Hamam-massage: mail
or phone +452868 9829 (Between 12.00 – 16.00)

Close to Christianshavn Metro
Photo: Susanne Mertz
Bliv medlem af Sofiebadet
- byens måske bedste bad. Kun 125,- kr. årligt

Nadia Marilena Roccato
Dansefilm optaget i Sofiebadet

Har du tidligere besøgt Sofiebadet, kan du hjælpe os ved at udfylde vores spørgeskema så vi kan forbedre Sofiebadet ;)
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Hør Sofiebadets historie og visioner på dr.P1.stedsans
Radioprogram produceret af Susanna Sommer.

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